Gold Coast Photography – Meet Katrina!

Hi There!

Thank you for considering Katrina Barr Photography for your photoshoot!  I thought that this might be a good post so that you might be able to get to know me a little bit… it will also help when we meet for your shoot.. you will be able to find me and I won’t be walking up to every family that I see 😉

I work as a full time photographer with a home studio space.  The majority of my work is on location, with newborns being photographed in the studio.  If you require a studio shoot, this can absolutely be arranged!  I have a background in education and was a teacher for over 10 years.  I believe that this is really helpful for me as a children’s photographer!  I have been mentored by some amazing photographers and have participated in newborn photography workshops which has been crucial in the development of my skills.

I am a mother, wife, daughter and friend.  I have 3 beautiful children and an awesome husband!  I have some of the most amazing friends, who along with my family, have been the best cheer squad for me as I have taken this journey of photography… celebrating my successes and encouraging me constantly along the way!  My family and friends mean the world to me!  I love family time and love nothing more than curling up with my loves to watch a movie.  I love date nights with my husband, catching up with friends and watching trashy tv.

Photography was something that I have always been interested in and secretly had a dream of doing.  It wasn’t however until my little girl was a toddler that I had my first opportunity for that dream to become a reality!

My style is soft and feminine.  I adore gorgeous light and pretty locations!  I love letting you play and have fun together while I capture those little moments that make you, you… I will also get some of those gorgeous posed photos, but so many of the shots that I love, you don’t even know I am taking!

I encourage you to have fun with your loved ones when having your photos taken… relax and enjoy each other.. give kisses, hugs, tickles and giggles!  I also encourage you to not worry about the “perfect time” for photos… don’t put it off!  Photos taken today will be forever treasured by our family and friends!

I love photographing just about anything that you throw at me!  Weddings are a favourite of mine, but I also love photographing families, children and newborns!  I have also recently been doing a lot of product photography which I have been having a lot of fun with!

I love, love, love seeing my photos printed and proudly displayed on your wall!  I get the biggest kick out of seeing clients excited to see their photos!  I provide high resolution digital images on a custom usb, however also have a variety of prints and products available for you to choose from.

I am a Gold Coast based photographer, but I am absolutely happy to travel to you for your session… just make contact and we can discuss details!

It isn’t often that I venture to the “other side” of the camera… and almost never agree to a photo by myself… however my clever husband took this of me on the weekend!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions, I look forward to photographing you and your loved ones and helping you to create memories that can be forever treasured!

Big Love!

Katrina x

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